Conflict Prevention and Peace Building program

The Africa Community Impact Organization works to end the cycle of Interethnic and Inter-Religious Violence, in the tribal lands of Eastern Africa and informal urban settlements. We are empowering local communities to be the architects of their own Interdependent Future of Reconciled Coexistence.

Tackling the Root Causes of Conflict

Values like peace, truth, justice, kindness, and reconciliation cannot flourish in the continual conflict situations in Africa where people are massacred, injured, and displaced. If water sources, hospitals, training facilities, schools, and others infrastructure are harmed or destroyed, it will be exceedingly difficult to have sustainable development. Therefore, development efforts cannot be sustained and religious and tolerance-based ideals cannot spread unless violent interethnic conflict is addressed and people are allowed to live normal lives. Without attempting to comprehend the underlying problems and adopting the necessary skills to address them, participating in peace projects and humanitarian work can never result in true peace.

The Africa Community Impact Organization has a distinctive strategy for dealing with this persistent issue. The organization's goal is to address the underlying causes of conflict rather than only addressing its symptoms. To this end, it has assembled a qualified worldwide team of peace practitioners from both within and outside of Africa who are dedicated to resolving conflicts on the continent by:

1. Assisting groups of people to mend their broken connections by educating peace-building professionals in the necessary methods and skills for long-term conflict prevention and management,

2. Providing local leaders and communities with top-notch conflict management training that will help them gaining a deeper awareness of the problems that will contribute to conflict resolution.

3. Conducting scientific study on the causes of violence among local communities to dispel damaging rumors, speculation, and propaganda about the root causes of conflict dynamics,

4.Working with local leaders and key opinion-shapers to include them in the long-term conflict prevention strategy and holding problem-solving workshops with them,

5. Encouraging the establishment of interethnic schools, medical facilities, and water projects and among the many populations engaged in conflict.

6. Promoting a culture of peace by implementing peace education programs in primary and secondary schools as well as with groups of prominent opinion leaders in conflict-ridden areas.

What does ACIO do?

By doing empirical study into the roots of each conflict, disseminating conflict resolution techniques, and fostering inter-tribal trust and collaboration, ACIO works to achieve permanent peace. It conducts workshops, gives conflict resolution training to tribal leaders, and promotes sustainable human development through initiatives like the construction of solar-powered schools in rural locations with a violent history.

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