At Africa Community Impact Organization, we are working simultaneously to lessen the impact of global climate change and environmental degradation, eradicate global poverty and inequality, and empower vulnerable communities in becoming more resilient.

Africa Community Impact Organization has a long history of addressing climate change. Their programs tackle both the causes and the consequences. They also provide positive outcomes for children in vulnerable communities and the natural environment.

The World Bank reports 130 million additional people will be pushed into poverty because of climate change by 2030. Climate-related shocks and risks exacerbate inequalities between children in terms of health, education and long-term development outcomes. Threatened livelihoods and competition for scarce resources triggered by changing climate put millions of children at increased risk of violence. Women and girls are particularly vulnerable to climate change due to pre-existing gender inequalities and social norms. 45 million people worldwide are currently at extreme risk of famine.

Almost 21 million children are one step away from famine and face starvation. The causes of this crisis are the climate crisis, conflicts and COVID-19 aftershocks. 3.2 billion people are affected by land degradation. Over 160 million children live in areas of high-level drought. Additionally, 920 million children are highly exposed to water scarcity’ (UNICEF 2021). Climate change must be addressed or the consequences will be dire. Droughts will become more intense, land degradation and desertification will increase, and the hunger crisis will worsen.

Climate change is having severe humanitarian consequences as well. More frequent and severe natural hazards are amplifying already high levels of humanitarian need globally. By 2050, the World Bank estimates that an additional 143 million people across sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America could be internally displaced as a result of slow-onset impacts of climate change including water stress, crop failure and sea-level rise.
The climate crisis affects everyone. Girls and boys in vulnerable communities are taking the strongest hit, even though they are not responsible for it. Nearly 1 billion children live in countries that are at high risk of climate change and environmental hazards.  Africa Community Impact Organization  believes every child deserves a healthy and safe environment now and a sustainable future. We want to ensure that all children can enjoy these rights. We are partnering with donors in different levels to act now. Our programs focus on environmental stewardship and climate action. This will lead to positive outcomes for the wellbeing of children.

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