Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future

Today, the world is a home to the largest generation of youth in history. While youth demonstrate the ingenuity, creativity and energy to create positive solutions for themselves and their communities, their full potential remains untapped. Africa Community Impact Organization focuses on empowering displaced, poor and host community youth as much-needed change agents in regions marred by protracted conflicts and political instability.

Programs and policies can only be more effective if the host governments, humanitarian and development partners collaborate with young people on the matters that concern them. Africa Community Impact Organization is committed to promote meaningful, inclusive youth participation in conflict and displacement contexts to ensure that programs and policies pertaining to youth are informed by their diverse perspectives, and thus, are more representative and sustainable.
In recognition of the capacities of youth to be a transformative positive force driving development and sustainability, Africa Community Impact Organization focuses on working with and for displaced and host community youths to fulfil their potential and improve the structural barriers that disadvantage young people in Sub-Sahara region and eastern African Countries. Over the past several years, Africa Community Impact Organization has focused on developing flagship models for empowering refugee and host community youth in Africa.
Africa Community Impact Organization focuses on empowering youth, supporting youth entrepreneurship, facilitating job creation, and offering youth a voice. We work to promote sustainable development, health and gender for young people, intercultural dialogue, sports for development, informal education and service learning and the use of ICT for development, art and culture.

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